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  1. Dear sir/madam
    We want to know the timing of biman bangladesh airline on 22 december it,s on time or has been changed please check this PNR-Booking ref:
    Issue date:
    27 NOVEMBER 17
    Airline booking ref: BG/AG8H9
    Ticket: 997-5748780944
    thanks with regards

  2. I would like to know flight confirmation my departure on 23/04/2018 from Abudhabi to Cochin
    Ticket number 603-5199629734
    PNR- PZLH56
    Trip ID 18040991824

  3. I am trying to check in for Flair Airlines to Kelowna from Vancouver , for May 11 , 2018 , It won’t let me in , I had all the info , It keeps saying need person name , My name is right on checkin page ,,BUT < It won'T work … Very FRUSTRATING . I am on the right time today , as well.

  4. I have booked flights via Webjet these are the numbers they have given me C5L7XY 12689062 OD EUQGMIC.

    I am after some info regarding how do I book seat etc but they have been no help at all. It is via Malindo Air which says they use Batik Air. I am getting pissed off with the run around.
    These tickets are Perth – Denpasar 24th September 2018.
    e ticket 8165796064539

    Frequent Flyer 80001621642

  5. Dear Sir/Madam
    Please provide me with print out version of the my ticket bookings done with your airlines

  6. Dear Sir: I don´t know how to make the check in your WebPage, it is not easy, it is the contrary, it is very complicated, could you indicate to me how to do that…. it makes me crazy. Thanks

  7. Good Morning To BEY!
    We would need to know of Ms Aya Mardini, Booking Ref NJGAI3, Flight BEY FRA today has been able to ckeck in well and if the flight will be on time
    The girl is travelling on a plane the very first time and she holding her etix only in whatsapp!
    Thank you so much in advance and best regards from Germany

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