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  1. We are booked on a KLM Cityhopper flight through Delta from BLS to AMS on December 30, 2017 departing BLS at 6 AM.

    How soon before the flight can we check-in and receive seat assignments?

    What is the lates we can check-in before the flight and check bags (hold luggeage)?

    Why can’t I check our PNR status on this website? Tried several times.

    Thank you.

    Flight # DL 9292
    Confirmation # G9KAX3

    Carl and Deborah Fleckenstine

  2. I’ve bought a ticket on a Kbz flight UB 134 but I’m still currently on the way to airport be cuz of the traffic jam.

  3. Serious run-around when trying to check in online. Most sites just take you right to check in, but I’ve been navigating this site for 20 mins trying to check in. If you don’t want us to check in in advance, just say that option isn’t available.

  4. I have check in with MO47Y7 and got my boarding pass for Janis McDonald seat 12E I can not get my boarding pass for my husband Hughdouglas McDonald for seat 12F?. Could you please let me know A.S.A.P. what the problem is.
    Thank you,
    Janis McDonald

  5. I am trying to check in via online but can’t do it.
    My name is : Jolay Koo, Nora Patricia
    Flight # 9V 1511 and 9V1108
    codigo de reserva JUBEYB
    Ticket number 7425911483681
    Can you kindly send me my boarding pass via e-mail?
    The luggage will go directly to Margarita Island or we need to pick it up in Barcelona and then check in to Margarita Island?
    Thanks for your support.
    N. Jolay

  6. Good morning!
    I would like to confirm that it is possible to do the check-in at the airport without having to pay any extra money. I mean, I would like to know whether the online check-in is just an option with this company or it is compulsory. Thanks in advance for your help.

  7. me gustaría saber el porque no puedo haceder para reservar un vuelo a caracas, ya que para el 6 de marzo tengo que volar a chile

  8. Hy,

    I’m Sabine Oberhumer and I have a booking on this flight.
    For your onlineCheck in we need the Reference or Voyager Nr.
    Unfortunately we don’t have it.
    Can you pl. make a seat reservation for our flights??

    Oberhumer Sabine and Zeitlhofer Margit

    SA 041 from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg 13:25-15:05
    SA 260 from Johannesburg to Frankfurt 20:15 – 06:15 +1

    OS 128 from Frankfurt to Vienna 07:50 / 09:15

    We would like to have a reservation on one of the emergency exits
    (at least for the long flight SA 260).

    Thanks for kind help!!

    Regards, Oberhumer Sabine
    [email protected]

  9. totally fed up YET AGAIN cannot check in to print boarding passes off ready for my mother on Sunday 8th July. She is 80 years old, has not got a modern phone or a printer. It is lucky that I ma not away and have a printer otherwise she would have serious problems. This makes me so mad. only way to print in advance is by booking a seat, at an extra cost. I’m the one with the stress of doing this as she is on to me all the time about getting them..!!!!!

  10. No puedo hacer el check in. La página va a Air China.
    Mi vuelo
    JGD28N José
    Desde Newark a Tokio
    Salida 11h 22 julio
    José Alberto Guglielmone
    Beatriz Erlinda Nicola

  11. When is the on line check in start ??? have been trying to check in on line for a flight departing within 24hrs but it is not open for checking in

  12. SQ216 airline confirmation QG9VH5
    Perth to Singapore three passengers travelling together. Saturday 8th Dec 01.10am
    Mrs Judith Platten/ MS Liesa Platten/ MIss Ariel Purdy

    seats wanted together two side seats with one middle aisle seat in same row.

  13. I am trying to check in via online but can’t do it.
    the names : Mr Jalal abughzaleh& Mrs dalia sultan
    Flight sm 303
    codigo de reserva L9MFXE
    Ticket number 381-3154134500&381-3154134501
    Can you kindly send me my boarding pass via e-mail?

    Thanks for your support.

  14. I am trying to check-in for my flight from LAX to Philadelphia late tonight. Please guide me through the process. thank you

  15. Trying to locate my luggage LAXWN02515152, my name is Karen A. Lowe-Hawkins
    What happen to my luggage that had been checked in 4hrs before flight?

  16. I will fly with Finnair, but from Shanghai to Helsinki I will check in with yours. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CHECK IN with Yuneyao airlines !!!!!!!

  17. Hi, Sorry to bother you so late but cant seem to check on – line for my flight tomorrow 7th of August at 2.30 pm to Nairobi via Livingstone.
    My name is Soraiya J. Shariff & I used EXpeadia to find me a good price which they
    did, now on my return journey home, I cant log in….
    Please can you ensure that I am on the flight tomorrow 07 August 2019.
    Booking ref: KDVHRW, Ticket no. 7067377343605.
    Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from you soonest.
    Soraiya J. Shariff

  18. Trying to check in for flight tomorrow 8 /16/. Confirmation #KASP3G, S Wood leaving Little Rock at 11:30 am. I can’t confirm by phone or email. Please help.

    S K Wood

  19. I have been trying to check in online for an hour now. I have been on hold to talk to someone for 30 minutes. i hope the flight tomorrow is better than this episode has been.

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